LifeTekAlloy - Residential Siding for the future

A combination of metals create our LifeTekAlloy, with H28 FULL HARD TEMPER

Alloys Metals that create LifetekAlloy: Copper, Titanium, Magnesium, Aluminum, Manganese, Silicon and Chrome

LifeTek is 80% thicker than steel providing greater strength

LifeTek uses high quality metal from Mastic Home Exteriors

PVC plastisol primers and paint, assure durability and excellent color retention.

Lifetime Warranty against rusting, cracking, peeling, and blistering, warranted by Mastic Home Exteriors

LifeTek is available in custom-formed lengths to eliminate seams for a seamless appearance!

Conventional 12’ 6” box steel or vinyl siding

LifeTekAlloy's longer lengths vs. conventional box siding

LifeTek’s longer coverage

Steel .015 bare metal thickness

LifeTekAlloy's thicker siding vs. conventional box siding

LifeTek .027 bare metal thickness

Manufacturing is completed on the latest roll forming equipment. No small portable machines involved.

See the difference between small portable machines and large stationary machines.

A sixteen-station process eliminates stress fractures of the paint film due to more steps in the metal formation.

LifeTekAlloy's texture pattern enlarged

The LifeTek Metal Alloy combines the features of marine corrosion resistance, very high tensil strength, excellent formability and extreme hardness.

Strength, Stability, Appearance, for a Lifetime!

See how the LiftekAlloy siding is created.