Cook Siding Supply uses a multi-step process to ensure the manufacturing quality of our LifeTekAlloy siding.

Step 1: Large 3,000 pound siding coils are loaded onto a payoff reel which holds the coil while it is being feed into the roll forming machine.

Siding Payoff Reel

Step 2: The coil is then fed into an embossing system which gives the coil a more distinct wood grain pattern while adding to the overall strength of the panel.

Siding Embosser

The engraving pattern used in our embossing system was custom made to provide a light engraving and to add the desired appearance of the panel.

Embosser Pattern

Step 3: The coil is sent through a leveling system which evens out any imperfections that may have occurred throughout the slitting and coil coating processes.

Siding Leveler

Step 4: The coil is then feed into the sixteen-station roll former which uses a gradual bending process to create the LifeTekAlloy metal alloy siding.


Step 5: The roll forming machine comes with a high-performance die cutter which cuts the siding to exact lengths specified by the machine operator, giving a home a seamless appearance.

Siding Die

Step 6: After the siding is formed and cut to the required length, the siding is finished and ready for packaging.

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